What is Modoc Domicile?

Modoc Domicile provides a legal, domestic, and economically affordable option to assist you with your business operations within the sovereign jurisdiction of the Modoc Nation (25 U.S.C. §861a). The Modoc Domicile is a responsible service provider that assists you in establishing and growing your business in a secure legal forum.

  • Modoc Domicile is owned by the sovereign Modoc Nation.
  • Modoc Domicile is an Approved Resident Agent to assist you and your business.
  • Modoc Domicile operates exclusively within the sovereign jurisdiction of the Modoc Nation.
  • Regulators are available to assist you with no middlemen.
  • Allied Reinsurance Companies domiciled in the Modoc Domicile are considered domestic companies for US federal tax purposes.
  • Domestic domiciling eliminates challenges and expenses associated with offshore domiciling options.
  • Modoc Domicile offers an all-in-one annual fee with no additional fees for individual services or requests.
  • Electronically-submitted forms are offered for formation, renewal, and domestication.
  • Most formations or re-domestications have a 72-hour turnaround!


Any lawful business

The Modoc Nation is open to working with you and your industry, we will serve as your resident agent.

Business filings

Whatever your business or purpose is, we can assist you in making the correct corporate filings for a license to do business within the jurisdiction of Modoc Nation.

Website and Data Storage

Hosting your website, emails, servers, and data within the sovereign jurisdiction of the Modoc Nation provides your business the security it needs to operate; we will help you in setting this up.


If you are concerned about the government that you’re operating in and the future of your company, consider redomesticating your business to the Modoc Nation; and we will help you make all of the correct filings. The government and leaders of the Modoc Nation have been in place since 1974, and are the longest-tenured government leaders among all 567 Federally Recognized Native American Tribes in the United States, and quite possibly the world. The stability and leadership of the Modoc Nation cannot be found anywhere else!

Insurance and Reinsurance

The Modoc Nation provides a legally secure domestic domicile option, as an alternative to traditional offshore domiciles and other domestic options, for insurers and reinsurers. The Modoc Nation’s regulations provide legitimate options for Tribal Insurance Companies (TIC), Allied Insurance Companies (AIC), Insurance Managers (IM), and Allied Reinsurance Companies (ARC). As a domestic option for your Insurance or Reinsurance company, there is no need to file a §953(d) for U.S. Federal Income Tax Purposes. We’ll help you file the correct documents you need for your Insurance or Reinsurance entity.

Why file your business within the Modoc Nation?

The Modoc Nation is a progressive and innovative federally recognized sovereign nation. Operating it’s own business entities, the Modoc Nation understands the burdens of regulations that can impede progress and economic development. The Modoc Nation offers your business options; and does so under an amenable regulatory environment within its sovereign jurisdiction.