Mark A. Weitz, J.D., PhD

Insurance Commissioner

Licensed to practice law in Texas since 1983 and in Florida since 1988, Mr. Weitz is experienced in insurance law, health law, and civil litigation. As the former counsel to the Insurance Liquidator of Texas and a former insurance company executive, he has represented a diverse client base in a wide range of insurance and corporate-related areas both domestic and internationally. With years of insurance experience and familiarity with industry issues from initial start-up to all aspects of operation, Mr. Weitz has worked with companies on matters of legal compliance, reinsurance, agent issues, policy interpretation, and if necessary, matters pertaining to solvency, including rehabilitation and/or receivership. Since 2000 he has been actively involved in the captive insurance industry representing captive managers and forming captive companies for clients. He has extensive experience interacting with regulators within the United States and offshore, including the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.